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Organisations of all sizes now demand more from the Internet and no longer view it only as an advertising media for simple online brochures, but the key to a range of fully interactive business tools.

Intranet and Extranets provide commercial, government, educational and membership organisations with an invaluable communication/management tool for employees, customers, students and members, with the use of secure login access to shared, but non public documents and information.

Many Intranet and Extranet systems allow customized levels of secured access to manage the amount and type of information made available to the individual. Because it is an internet solution, Intranet and Extranet system can allow the sharing of text documents, graphics, audio, video, message boards, and data.

Essentially, a secure Intranet or Extranet system allows you to share almost anything, and give you control over who can see them.

Limelight Software Ltd has almost ten years experience of providing Intranet and Extranets solutions to our client's specifications.

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