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Interactive Features and Animation are now considered standard components of any successful Internet Web Site. We offer clients the ability to integrate fast high quality interactive features into their Internet solutions including:

When sympathetically designed an animation can portray a concept, product or service in a matter of seconds, making it an ideal solution for high impact marketing. Why expect your customers to read laborious paragraphs of text explaining your services when you can show them.

Limelight specialises in high quality fast loading animations for maximum impact, ideal for Marketing and Education.

Subspecies | Eltheringtons | Wilson & Co | Airport Map

Videos & Movies
Have professional video/movies embedded into your website
Woodlands Schools   Limelight Software attend GSMA Barcelona

Virtual Tours
Enable your customers to explore. Can include still photography, audio and video clips and 360 photographs. Ideal for Estate Agents, House Builders, Holiday Homes and Hotels.

Kenwick Woods | Humberside International Airport | Dixon Motor Group | Manchester Airport

Virtual Showrooms
Capture your customer's attention and floor your competitor's online presence, with a virtual showroom to market your products. If your product range includes variants such as different colours, sizes and styles for example, a virtual showroom enables your customers to experience all the options and select the solution that suits them. Ideal for Furnishings, Clothing, Electrical Equipment and Cars for example.

YouCan Table and Chairs

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